An easy-to-use visual inspiration gathering tool designed exclusively for creative collaboration.

Launching late 2014


Keep all of your inspiration in one place.

  • Create

    Create project reference "walls" with the content you collect.

  • Plug-in

    Drag & drop images, text, videos and websites with our web browser plug-in.


Effortless collaboration.

  • Collaborate

    Invite your team to contribute to your walls.

  • Import

    Import from popular platforms such as Icebergs.

  • Discuss

    Add comments to your content and start a discussion.

  • Export

    Export all of your collected content to your Dropbox or local hard drive.


Stay completely organized and efficient.

  • Label

    Label content as select, second, approved, review, reject, or assign label of your choosing.

  • Filter

    Easily filter all collected content by document type, labels or date collected.

  • Tag

    Attach keywords to images so they're easily searchable.

  • Group

    Group the content on your wall for crystal clear organization.

  • Search

    Our search feature allows you to search through your content titles, keywords, or comments.

  • Notes

    Compose notes for yourself or your team alongside the rest of your content.

our.build was conceived by a small group of visual designers to serve as a digital space – “an inspiration wall” – allowing teams to assemble visual inspiration, notes, & references for creative projects.

We’re excited to provide this tool for all industry creatives to use with fellow collaborators in-studio or around the world.

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